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General rules

Since we make our website available to you, we present below rules concerning collecting, processing, and using information obtained via our website By browsing internet website of Malinowy Dwór Hotel**** Medical Spa in Świeradów-Zdrój you accept the rules outlined in Privacy Policy available on the website. Every person that uses the Malinowy Dwór website (or its part) is bound by the Privacy Policy currently in force.

We reserve the right to introduce changes to the Privacy Policy.
We do not sell or make available to third party personal data or address details of the website users.

Personal data

All data recorded in the hotel’s database shall be treated as confidential and will not be made available to the third party. Data shall be kept and properly secured against access of unauthorized persons in accordance with the “Act on the Protection of Personal Data”.


Administrator of your data is

Hotele Malinowe Sp. z o. o. company, located in ul. Leśna7, 28-131 Solec-Zdrój.


When using websites belonging to Hotel Malinowy Dwór you may be asked to provide some of your personal details when filling in the forms or on some other occasions. The requested data is usually name and e-mail address. As regards booking forms, you will be asked to provide full personal details.

Personal data can also be collected by Malinowy Dwór Hotel****Medical Spa as it is necessary to provide services in the rehabilitation centre and for the purposes defined by the law (filling in accounting information, payments, complaints, resolving conflicts).


When using Hotel Malinowy Dwór website you and our internal social wi-fi network you may be asked to provide your details in a form. The details will be used to use the wireless Internet connection, in some parts of the website, including signing up to a nestletter. When filling in any forms, you will be requested to give your consent to the processing of personal data for the purposes connected with the way the website works. Signing up for the Hotel Malinowy Dwór newsletter requires giving your name and e-mail address in a form. Those fields are mandatory.

The obtained details are then added to a mailing list. E-mail address is necessary for it to be possible to send to the user the most recent newsletter.

The users of Hotel Malinowy Dwór website remain anonymous for as long as they decide otherwise and when they carry out actions in specific parts of the website where disclosing some of one’s personal details is necessary.

Only authorized employees and persons who are looking after Hotel Malinowy Dwór website have direct access to personal data of website users. The authorized persons are obliged to keep the data confidential and make it impossible for unauthorized persons to access the data.

Every user who provides his/her data has the right to view, edit, and delete the data.


Ordering services

Newsletter subscription and joining internal social wi-fi network requires giving an e-mail address to which electronic newsletter will be sent. We reserve the right to send to the subscribers newsletters that are both commercial and non-commercial in character.

Subscription can be cancelled at any time by clicking the appropriate link in the newsletter.

Hotel Malinowy Dwór website is not for children. As a result, we do not intend to collect personal data from persons who are younger than 16 and are not liable for the information collected from this age group.



We took appropriate measures on this website to ensure that it is secure in terms of the provided personal data and to secure the data from being lost, abused, accessed, changed or destroyed without permission. However, please remember than non Internet transmission is completely secure and free from errors. In particular, e-mails sent to and via this website may be not secured.


Unannounced messages

Hotel Malinowy Dwór reserves the right to send unannounced messages to persons whose personal data it holds and who agreed to the Privacy Policy.

By unannounced messages, Hotel Malinowy Dwór means information that directly refers to the website, services, and newsletter (e.g. changes, internal deals), non-commercial messages (e.g. wishes), and commercial information sending of which was paid for by the clients of Hotel Malinowy Dwór


Entities that order commercial messages do not have access to contact details of persons who are listed on Malinowy Dwór mailing list.

Commercial information is filtered as much as possible, its size is limited, and it is sent only occasionally.


Links to third party websites

Links / redirection to websites of other parties, if present on the website, are there for the convenience of the users. Malinowy Dwór shall not be responsible for the information given by owners of other websites, nor for the privacy policy of other parties.


Giving consent

Using this website is tantamount to giving consent to the conditions outlined above.

Should you have any questions concerning other issues regarding privacy policy or using the website, please send an e-mail to the following address:



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If the user does not change settings of his/her Internet browser, it means that he/she accepts the use of “cookies” by

What are “cookies”?

Cookies” are small text files stored on the terminal equipment of a user, used to identify the user's browser when using the website.
“Cookies” are used to provide the administrator with statistical information about user traffic, user activity, the way in which a website is used. They allow us to adjust the content to the user’s preferences.

For your convenience website uses “cookies” and similar technologies to adjust to the users’ needs for advertising and statistical purposes.

Cookies" used on website do not store any personal data.

Why do we use “cookies”?

- we adjust the content of Internet websites to users’ preferences,

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If you do not agree for the “cookies” to be used as described above, please disable them in your browser settings or do not use the website.

We encourage you to check the website content regularly, especially before making a reservation at Hotel**** Medical SPA Malinowy Dwór.

Special Offers


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3-19 days, from 360 zł /per/night

Medical package (up to 6 days)

2-6 days, from 513 zł /per/night

Medical package (from 7 days)

7-19 days, from 494 zł /per/night
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